Weekly Roundup: Eighth Edition

It’s Saturday morning, and in a couple of hours, we’ll be heading out for a very long day of baseball, errands and last but not least, an extended family celebration. We’ll be running from morning till evening, and honestly, our newish country lifestyle has made it so that we’re not used to jam-packed days of running like these. The most jam-packed days we have these days is packing jam from the raspberry bushes in our yard. 🙂

Preparing for a morning-till-night running yourself ragged kind of a day is much like preparing yourself to begin a debt payoff journey. There’s much to do and much to learn as one prepares to budget, spend-track, sell stuff to put toward debt and trim down lifestyle expenses in order to accomplish the goal at hand: debt freedom.  But yet, the journey, as told to me by many of my now debt free peers, is well worth the work. In honor of the work it takes to start – and keep – on a journey to debt freedom, here are some inspiring posts I found this week:

Brian from Debt Discipline wrote an article called Career Path. For those of you who don’t know Brian, he and his family recently kicked some serious tail and paid off 109k in credit card debt in roughly 4 years. Brian writes in this post about something that happened to him recently that was a bit of a shell-shocker and threw the family for a loop. But what I can’t help thinking is what a blessing it is that Brian and his family got rid of their debt when they did.

Steven from Even Steven Money wrote a post entitled The Best Way to Pay off Debt: Meet the Debt Tornado.  Steven is on to something here. Different types of debt payoff – the Snowball, the Avalanche – work best for different types of people. Steven’s created a new type of debt payoff system that might be just right for you.  Check it out and see if the Debt Tornado is your ticket to debt freedom.

The dear Petrish over at Debt Free Martini wrote a post this week entitled Get it Girl – Debt Humor. Petrish has an incredible gift for telling it like it is in an endearing way, and this post is no exception. I could SO identify with the girl that Petrish wrote about. Our life was never lived to that extreme, but I could completely identify with the concept. Maybe you will too.

Monica from Our Debt Free Family wrote this week about How They Cut Their Grocery Bill in Half.  We did the same thing. We now feed our family of six on between $400-$450 a month. And we eat well. Living primarily on a whole foods/macrobiotic diet, we eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, organic brown rice and organic butter and milk, although we eat very little dairy these days. It is very possible to eat well on a small budget, and Monica shares her tips in this post.

Mark over at Bare Budget Guy wrote a post called Why I Give Over 10% of My Income. This post really struck me, as we’ve had years where we have tithed and years where we haven’t tithed.  I’ve found that in the years we’ve tithed, our money situation has been markedly better. Hmmm…. interesting! Check out the reasons why Mark and his family choose to tithe, and why they will continue to tithe.

Well, I’m already behind on my schedule, so I’d better get up and running for our busy day. Enjoy your weekend, friends!


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