Why Business Should Invest In Community Health

Businesses around the world invest heavily on keeping their employees healthy so as to keep them productive and efficient. The productivity and efficiency somehow depend upon the factor that how much healthy the workforce is to work in a proper state of mind. But it’s not just about the employees but also the community that an organization serves, has an important role to play in this process as they are also the stakeholders involved. Around the world health conditions are not in good conditions in most of the countries. With the exception of the developed western world, other parts of the world face serious health issues. The governments in those countries are not spending the required amount on the health of their citizens and have ineffective healthcare programmes. However businesses have realized this fact and are now taking strides to address this issue by investing on the health of their communities. They know how important it is to have an increase in the life expectancy of the coming generation. The link between a healthy business and a healthy community needs to be strengthened.

According to a survey very few companies have good policies and innovative programme in place for community health as a part of their overall health footprint. Chronic diseases like diabetes, respiratory problems etc. needs to be focused on in order to have an improvement in the life expectancy of the local communities. This ensures good future growth for the business and increases its scope too. Companies can form volunteer programmes to make a task force to work on innovative solutions to the problems of the community. They can then take on one problem to effectively solve it for the community so as to have a large positive impact.

Another reason for investment in community health is that consumers are more likely to prefer a socially responsible company over others. Also it helps to boost the morale of the employees working in the company. Building a strong reputation within the community becomes very important when it comes to improving the brand image of the company. The company’s brand name will get recognition and will be popularized for caring for the community and giving back to them. This helps to ensure that you have a positive return on the investment you make to keep your community healthy. For all these reasons companies should definitely invest on the health of its community.

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