You Need Self Storage Today

Self storage companies are on the rise across the UK. If you’re looking for self storage London isn’t your only option: most towns have not merely one, but two or more different storage companies on their borders.

Choice for you means competition for the self storage businesses, driving low prices and innovations across the industry. You could well need self storage today, but you don’t know about it yet. Today we’re putting the industry under the magnifying glass and looking at just what it can do for you.

Moving House

When you’re moving house, storage facilities are invaluable. They allow you to spread out the moving of some of your bulkiest, most inconvenient items and cut the stress on moving day. That’s not just good because it helps you feel better, stress means bad decisions, damage and breakages!

Small Business

Self storage companies can be a big boon for small businesses. Signing up with a warehouse means committing yourself for a long period before you’ve established exactly what your needs are. That could mean you end up paying over the odds for space you don’t end up getting full use out of, or your commit to less than you need and need to hire more space at greater expense.

Self storage is safe, cheap and flexible: you can move to bigger or smaller facilities at short notice based on your needs ensuring you’re only paying what you have to.


If divorce is brewing in the air, you need to make sure your possessions are safe and you have somewhere to stay. It’s easier to find somewhere to stay if you’re not carrying every precious possession with you. Getting your items, and any shared ones into storage makes sure neither partner can make any hasty actions causing damage that could have negative consequences later.


In the event of a bereavement, you have lots of decisions to make about the property of the deceased. It’s a sad and stressful time, and that’s not a recipe for your best decisions. Clearing everything into a storage facility to consider when the most painful part of your mourning has abated will help you approach matters with a cooler head.


Finally, storage can be vital if you’re simply trying to bring a bit of organisation to a cluttered home. Collections can get out of hand for everyone and the problem is only exacerbated if you’ve changed your living situation: moving to a smaller flat or moving in with a partner can spark reassessments of what you need at hand every day and what you can do without to make some space. This is where storage becomes vital.

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